Roam Industry is to be the focal point of human powered outdoor adventure in San Juan County, Utah. By offering the best in gear, activity, remote accommodations, and services.

Our mission at Roam Industry is to be the leading source in backcountry adventure as well as wilderness skills and education in San Juan County Utah. Our hope is to be a source to clients we bring to the area as well as the local community.


Reducing impact on the environment and areas we explore by promoting human powered travel. Being educators and teaching safety techniques in all our provided activities. Always working to improve quality customer service, providing unforgettable experiences for our clients.


The shape of the land is where we find our adventure. At Roam Industry are dedicated to utilizing methods resulting in minimal impact, focusing mainly on human powered travel so one might be closer to a natural pace to experience the remote and unknown wilderness the rest of the world has yet to find.


At Roam Industry we feel a social responsibility to the local areas we wish to be a part of. Working with rural areas to assist in their development, growth, and expansion. We hope to provide a renewed awareness to the great outdoor opportunities that surround them.

As our business strengthens we feel it is our responsibility to encourage our customers to shop locally and refer our customers to businesses located in Monticello, UT and throughout San Juan County. During races we support local food establishments in lieu of hiring in outside caters, we have developed relations with local stores to source supplies, and hope to continue to develop such relationships.


The Çello Project has long been on the mind of Dustin Randall, who being raised in Monticello (20 min from world class climbing destination Indian Creek), was not exposed to rock climbing or mountain biking until his twenties. The purpose is to bring skiing, climbing, and mountain biking to the attention of the youth and adults living in Monticello by sponsoring a climbing and adventure club. We provide reduced local rates for quality guidance, training, and exposure to what we feel to be life long endeavors. Our cost is simply to help cover the basics of equipment and fuel for transportation—our time during these programs is strictly voluntary. We believe our success to be dependent on the interest and support from the local population. To assist with the cost of equipment we do have some interested companies in contributing to this effort.

“Thousands of tired, nerve-shaken, over-civilized people are beginning to find out going to the mountains is going home; that wilderness is a necessity…” 
― John Muir

Credit: Chad Ress


Dustin Randall

Our strength comes from our knowledge. Growing up and continually revisiting the area and working as a wild land fire fighter with the U.S. Forest Service for four years, Dustin is knowledgeable in the terrain and changes in environment. Not a stranger to adventure, he has been the mastermind to self-guided trips within the region as well as overseas including Nepal, Iceland, Turkey, South America, and Southeast Asia.

Received training through the American Alpine Institute in alpine and rock climbing. Additionally he is Wilderness First Responder and EMT certified.

Dustin’s Father Jared Randall is a local cattleman who has been running cattle in San Juan County for over 23 years. Well respected for his skills and knowledge of the cattle business he works with many other cattlemen in the area and will be an asset in working with the local population.

Natalie Randall

A degree in Exercise Physiology, with emphasis in sports medicine, Natalie provides a working knowledge of first aid treatment and prevention. A proven triathlete and marathon runner she has now set her sights on ski mountaineering racing and traditional climbing. The past few years have been spent in adaptive recreation, specifically neurological, coordinating multiple programs (handcycling, monoskiing, crosscountry skiing, yoga, swimming, etc) medically driven through the University of Utah Hospital. She has coordinated and assisted in community health screens/awareness fairs, Tour of Utah for Handcyclists, symposiums providing community awareness for adaptive recreation, and so forth. Currently, she is working for Monticello City as the Director of Parks, Recreation, and Trails, with additional responsibilities of Economic and Community Development. This coordinating and organization development background has been fine-tuned and learned through experience both well funded, and on minimal to no budgets. She speaks French and has coordinated trips within the region as well as internationally to Scotland, Ireland, Southeast Asia and Iceland.

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