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The Voices of Bears Ears, VisitUtah.com, December 2018

Bears Ears National Monument is not like the dramatic Zion or Yosemite national parks. While there’s beauty all around, it’s the layers of life and history that give definition to these lands. Local guide and adventurer Dustin Randall believes one of the best ways to see it is on a mountain bike.

With the monument’s few paved roads, biking accesses abundant remote and hidden secrets, nestled among the exposed rock and high-country setting. From 12,000 feet down to the shores of Lake Powell, hike, bike, climb and carefully explore the starkly beautiful and fragile lands of Utah’s Bears Ears. click to continue reading on visitutah.com

Ep. 1: The High Desert Adventurer

Loving the Uphill Battle With Roam Industry – Locke Hassett, The Radavist, November 2018

Loving the Uphill Battle with Roam Industries
Words and photos by Locke Hassett

“Long time no see!” piped Dustin from a leather chair near a window with grey morning light pouring in through the huge windows of Roam Industry, a backcountry focused bike, climb, and ski shop in Monticello, UT. He sips his coffee as we catch up and listen to Zeppelin. His kid has teeth coming in, and he is a small business owner in a small town. He is tired, but not too tired to laugh, talk, and show me around the shop…click to continue reading on The Radavist


11 of the Best Enduro Mountain Bike Races of 2018 (North America — M. Welch, 16 May 2018

According to a large (and growing) number of fans and followers, enduro racing is possibly the best thing to happen to mountain biking since tubeless tires. While the discipline’s most skilled riders have been racing in the Enduro World Series (EWS) since 2013, the thrill isn’t reserved for the pros. Countless races have sprung up around the country and the world, from well-attended weekends with big-name sponsors to the most grassroots of gatherings….[the] Abajo Enduro also called the Blue Mountain Enduro, this event takes place near the Bears Ears National Monument and features three stages over the course of two days in the Abajo Mountains. The race is somewhat exclusive, with a 50-racer cap, but as of this writing, there are still openings available for riders to experience an unexpected side of Southeastern Utah…Click here to keep reading on singletracks.com

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