Join us with the University of Utah’s U-Explore program in an Introduction to Bikepacking course.

Bikepacking—or, backpacking by mountain bike—is an increasingly popular way to learn about the outdoors. This introductory class is designed to teach students about an alternative choice of human powered adventure for outdoor enthusiasts. Bikepacking allows the adventurist to cover more miles than hiking as well as accessing dirt roads and trails that are otherwise inaccessible to other vehicles. In this class we will cover various aspects of bikepacking including outfitting bikes, gear to bring, and tips for planning trips. Students will learn about public land policy, be more fluent in conservation issues critical to the State of Utah, and practice minimum-impact travel and camping techniques.

Classes are offered Fall, Summer, and Spring Semesters—2.0 credit and non-credit (continuing ed) options are available. Classes meet at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City for a preliminary classroom trip meeting, followed by a 3-day, 2-night in-field section in San Juan County Utah.

Course Catalog Number PRTL 1243