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there’s that saying if these walls could talk, the stories they’d tell. that’s what I always think exploring this vast country. canyons scattered with remnants of ancients who toiled and lived off the land. also, the dirt trodden by explorers of old wandering the country for reasons not to far from our own. there’s a […]


Our most current digs might not be the most glamourous, but it does have its perks year round. In the winter the only heat we had were small space heaters and a fireplace, both with their flaws. The space heaters all blew out from overuse within the first month, and well any of you who […]


Stone throw away from town are drastic canyons, red rock, and tons of ground for exploring. Perfect for Sunday exploration.


The best adventures are the ones in your backyard. We’ve recently moved to the Millcreek area and there’s a little peak aspect that has always been of interest to Dustin. We pass it everyday to and from work, driving on the freeway, and if you walk down our street there’s a pretty good view. From […]