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Our most current digs might not be the most glamourous, but it does have its perks year round. In the winter the only heat we had were small space heaters and a fireplace, both with their flaws. The space heaters all blew out from overuse within the first month, and well any of you who live in the SLC valley know the downside to fireplaces with our inversion. Daily we resolved to walking around in our down attire head to toe, they do make down pants and booties. Probably the highlight (because we actually felt heat), before guests came we’d close the kitchen door, open the gas stove and krank that sucker…now that I look back I’m not sure if that was the healthiest of options, but it did lead to some sweet dance parties haha. The perk you ask? Dustin as always has the words of wisdom “this is all for our mental game, it is the ultimate training.” Then I would be told to think about Iceland and how cold we were, ALWAYS. How regardless of the cold we still pushed through climbing, hiking, and rocking through it.

The recent warmer months however have helped the toughing it through the wintery times seem like an almost distant, irksome memory. The area of Millcreek we live in used to be an old orchard which over the years (many years) has been sold off in plots. This is what adds to the curvy, tree lined streets, shady walkd and oozing creek; all a seemingly grandiose escape from the typical Salt Lake City grid. Our backdoor opens into a secret-garden esque backyard blossoming with rose and blackberry bushes, accompanying the plethora of trees: apricot, walnut, apple, and some ones we’re still waiting to see their produce. 

Not to mention the occasional urban bike course finds…I guess all we can say for now life’s just fruity.   
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