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20140726_124421A rush of change has been happening in our lives and I’m at a stand still. With a recent ankle surgery I’m coach/hammock ridden for a while. Things are on the up and we have nothing but gratitude to be had. My ankle is in the best repair it has been in the past 4 years, our steps have turned to strides with Roam, and so the list goes on. But change is in the air–the start is what seems like a large sacrifice (though it is small) is looking at ways to cut costs. Numero uno being rent we’re moving into a duplex with TK and Devin (conveniently I’m an immobile gimp). Numero dos selling things off–we’ve been spoiled with all the storage space at the Millcreek home. Finally, cutting back on the many imperative gear purchases–all in the name of Roam.
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