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Monsoon season can be the pits. Sure our country is dry as bones and can always use the rain, the rock and dirt magically change colors with the touch of water, and we have the best lightning shows. BUT when it’s always raining it puts a slight damper on exploration; roads flood, trails become mud slides (sometimes fun…just not when they’re rocky), and with the rain sometimes comes hail…yea hail in the summer welcome to SE UT ha! We can really only stand so much “crafting” before we start getting antsy and restless. 
Well three great things happened this past weekend 1) we convinced D’s BF Scott to come down 2) we woke up to a sunny skies 3) the shemagh shipment arrived (that’s 100 for our upcoming Indiegogo campaign in case you were wondering, yes 100). Sunny skies permitting with shemagh wrapped heads we headed to Bayles Ranch nestled in Chippean Rocks. 
Bayles ranch is now split into 3 separate private properties. We’ve been wanting to speak with the owners but as luck would have it one lives in Germany, one in England, and the other in Blanding. It was our first time riding down to this area, and we took a chance dropping by one of the ranch properties. The England owner by chance happened to be visiting and we were able to have a nice chat on his porch and find wait out a looming rain cloud. The cloud emptied and subsided to a drizzle we parted ways with our new friend and as chance would have it we made it back to the truck in time for the hail show. 
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