Hnappavallahamrar is the main climbing area in Iceland. The first day we arrived the weather was great. The area is just off the main Ring Road across the way from 5 farms. A dirt road in is pretty straight forward, the only questionable areas were a couple small water crossings, which look deeper and swifter than they really are. The area was established by a group of local volunteer climbers and has an outhouse and a common area hut. When we arrived there  was a community college climbing course of 5 locals. The instructor Mio gave us some beta and we headed out.

It was hard climbing. Everything is basalt rock that rips at your hands, not to mention the strong seaside winds. The F.A. climbers are mainly 6 ft+ Scandinavians who are super strong and powerful. They’re used to bouldering and it is evident in their routes. All the routes are under graded, a 5’6=5’7b, 5’9a=5’10c and so forth. It took a few leads to get warmed up, especially since we’d been in a car for so long, but once we got a feel for the rock the climbing was RAD.

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