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the batu caves–with all the traditions that surround this ground the one memory that sticks in my mind is from when I was 4. my parents and I were visiting the area and I had just been rewarded a nice juicy lollipop for my good behavior (you do have to climb 272 steps to enter). just as we were entering a caves a monkey came right up to me and we stared eye to eye, he swiped the lollipop and swung away shrieking in delight. all I could say was, “dad that monkey took my lollipop and didn’t even say please!”
the real highlight of visiting the batu caves, aside from seeing our primate friends, is when you can hit the timing right to experience Thaipusam, a hindu holiday dedicated to Lord Murugan. in KL the “pilgrimage” is from petaling street ending at the top of the 272 steps. from my understanding it is a sacrifice so many will carry heavy loads the most notable is you’ll see people in trances being carried by family members. some can enter a trance so deep to not feel pain and will pierce their bodies with wooden spears or hooks–it is really quite the experience. 
this trip we were too early for Thaipusam and I neglected to carry any lollipops, so alas it was pretty uneventful!
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