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Finding the perfect tree is no easy feat! Randall’s mean business in their search…everyone spreads out and calls out when they think they’ve found THE tree. It typically goes like this, first the call <<I’ve found one, I’ve found one!!!>> Then, everyone rushes over…<<no, there’s a bald spot–how about this one?!>>… <<uh that one’s too fat–how about this one?>>….<<maybe if we cut off the top half?!>> Then finally after all the funning around Dustin’s dad didn’t even ask he just cut one down and declared our tree for the year. It turned out to be perfect, as it always is, and a great reminder here’s the poem D wrote for the season

<<Year around it holds its ground,
The color of an evergreen tree.
A simple sign to keep in mind,
That Christ was born to set us free.>>

Merry Merry Christmas!

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