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Life is a series of storms; some lesser, some greater, some devastating, some refreshing–and all in some way beautiful. I have weathered many a storm in the open, far from home and loved ones. And I have journeyed home in anticipation for many more. For me home has always been in the same place; one block from the grocery store; one block from the schools; one block from the pool and park; and right next to my best friend’s house. Even after I left home, blazing my own path in the world I would return for comfort and work a few weeks or months at a time. Always saying my good byes and looking forward to my next visit. That’s changed now, in March 2015 Nat and I moved to my childhood home. It’s been two weeks now, I’m not sure what’s going on, Nat is neck deep in community recreation and I have a mustache.
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