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The 7 hour plane ride was perfect compared to the 20+ hours it takes to get to Southeast Asia. We arrived to chilly 45 degree weather and tons of wind which followed us throughout the trip. Our “plan” was to mountain bike but domestic airline baggage costs left us having to scramble to find bike rental places to hit up when we got into the country, long story short we only found a handful of places and my plan everything ended up succumbing to Dustin’s go with the flow philosophies. This wasn’t just with the bikes it seemed impossible to find any good beta if you wanted to do a self led, unguided trip everything in Iceland revolves around their guiding/tourism business. When we got to Iceland turns out you just have to use .is to find everything and anything:,,….you get the idea.

We arrived in the Keflavik, found a bus to take us to Reykjavik, found the city campground and set up camp. The campground is like a hotel: a wide field that holds 600+ tents, indoor bathrooms, showers, wifi, running water, free stove fuel, cooking areas, grills, and more all for $30 for the 3 of us. The first few days we spent in the city visiting the local bouldering gym for climbing beta, renting a vehicle, trying local eats like whale, and getting our bearings. The people are super helpful pointing out places for us to visit, things to see, rocks to climb, and pools to soak in.
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