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Past couple of weekends we’ve been down in Monticello working on Dustin’s crag Keep It Like a Secret. Making first ascents and naming routes Lunar, The Monks Will Have You, Two to Tango, Okie Dokie, Okie Okie, and Darlin’ Baby Bunker Boo are just a few. The area is beautiful this time of year, changing […]


We needed a break from the city, so we called on Devin and headed south to finish up some more routes. Introducing Okie Okie. The name comes from a word banter Dustin and Becca (his niece) have: D: yes, yes, yesB: no, no, noD: yes, yes, yesB: no, no, noD: Okie DokieB: Okie Okie Here’s […]


We took the weekend and went on an exploration: map, truck, gear and all. Our plan was to take the Blue Notch Canyon to Good Hope Bay, an appendage to Lake Powell. The only problem was there was no beta, no mile markers to look for, no milage. All we had was a Forest map […]


Skógar falls according to legend viking Þrasi Þórólfsson hid his treasure behind the waterfall, and if conditions are just right you can see the gold flickering behind the rushing water. The best we saw was two rainbows. The last couple days spent in Reykjavik we spent exploring the city harbor side  playground, dressed like vikings, […]


The third day we were cold, tired, and getting pumped way too quickly. The group had left and a couple swiss climbers joined us. They had hiked the Landmannalaugar trail we were going to bike. Normally a 4-day trek, it took them 8-days due to snow, hail and overall bad weather conditions. Needless to say, […]


Turns out the East and Southeast areas of Iceland have the best weather. We enjoyed two days of clear sunny skies. The weather is like clockwork: 06:00 clear sunny skies, 12:00 light sprinkle, 14:00 reach the high (48F) of the day, 20:00/21:00 some clouds start rolling in and the sun starts dropping, 01:00 high winds […]


Hnappavallahamrar is the main climbing area in Iceland. The first day we arrived the weather was great. The area is just off the main Ring Road across the way from 5 farms. A dirt road in is pretty straight forward, the only questionable areas were a couple small water crossings, which look deeper and swifter than […]


We took the mountain RTE 917 to the east coast and followed the fjords. We passed Batman mountain, saw a seaside Viking village in Höfn, climbed on some seaside rock stacks, saw glaciers that stretched to the sea and farms that sat at the base of them, and made it to the main climbing spot […]


In the morning we explored Dettifoss, 193 cu metres of water makes it the greatest volume of waterfall in Europe. We caught a beautiful rainbow and a view of the smaller Selfoss. We moved onto Vesturdalur a hiking area with mind-boggling volcanic rock formations. Made a picnic, enjoyed the warm sun, and rolled out our […]


Drove through Akureyri, saw huge trolls, nature pools, sheep herders, drove through mountainous valleys, explored volcanic country, made camp outside of geothermal hub Mývatn, had some good Icelandic butter, and lawn bowled through the night.