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We took the weekend and went on an exploration: map, truck, gear and all. Our plan was to take the Blue Notch Canyon to Good Hope Bay, an appendage to Lake Powell. The only problem was there was no beta, no mile markers to look for, no milage. All we had was a Forest map showing us the general area, and the name Blue Notch giving us a unique landmark in the red rock to look for.

True explorers we headed off down 95, me wide-eyed and gapping at the amazing red rock towers, canyon, landmarks, and unimaginable country. Dustin tapping his memory of the same landmarks to figure out where we were on the map. There is so much untouched country, I only wish we had more time to explore (or re-visit for D)!

Natural bridges, Fry Canyon, Cheesebox, Jacob’s Chair, then there was the break of a Blue Notch in the canyon and we found our road. Surprisingly, the road was well maintained, but still fun dirt road driving, weaving up the canyon, with amazing views. At the end of the road we found the bay, choose our beach to camp on and set off in the kayak.

We spent the weekend paddling, bouldering, scrambling, eating good food, sleeping under the stars well full moon, finding seashells, chucking rocks, and enjoying each other’s company.

Most importantly the truck made it and is still kickin’.

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