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The final weekend before the long winter of no weekend adventures (i.e. ankle surgery and 6 month recovery) was spent with close friends. Getting feedback on keep it like a secret, sleepover at the cabin (the see-saw from our wedding was still fully functional), and practicing our shooting skills. Lucky with weather we had all […]


Monsoon season can be the pits. Sure our country is dry as bones and can always use the rain, the rock and dirt magically change colors with the touch of water, and we have the best lightning shows. BUT when it’s always raining it puts a slight damper on exploration; roads flood, trails become mud […]


In Southeast Utah with heavy rains come flash floods.  We headed out to Montezuma Canyon to see if we could catch a glimpse at the rushing water. We didn’t spot any flashes, however we did find chocolate milk water run offs, rock falls, and a reconstructed Kiev. Full Set | Last Weekend


Abajo Mountain means “the low mountain.” Appropriately named as the low storm clouds cloaked the mountains throughout the weekend. We made our way along the mountain east rim exploring rock bands for new climbs. Overcasting clouds, cool temperatures, escaping setting sun rays, and the smell sage and pine made for an idyllic night walk. Full […]


This past weekend I ended up having some extra time before my ankle surgery so we headed down to Monticello. We have been drafting Roam swag so it was about time to create prototypes. Dustin’s dad has done quite a bit of leather work so he taught us some tricks of the trade. What it […]


We checked out a trail that opens up to Indian Creek. Rad biking, some boulders, funky trees and awesome scenery. Full Set | The Creek


Our most current digs might not be the most glamourous, but it does have its perks year round. In the winter the only heat we had were small space heaters and a fireplace, both with their flaws. The space heaters all blew out from overuse within the first month, and well any of you who […]


A few weekends back we were in Çello for the Pioneer Day Celebrations. This is the one weekend where the town is literally busting at its seams, so much so our typical parallel street parking jobs have to be turned diagonal. There’s a 24-hour fast pitch game, 5K, parade, park vendors, snow cone mustaches and […]