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Life is a series of storms; some lesser, some greater, some devastating, some refreshing–and all in some way beautiful. I have weathered many a storm in the open, far from home and loved ones. And I have journeyed home in anticipation for many more. For me home has always been in the same place; one block […]


Birthday’s have always been about the weekend. An awesome, radical adventure with the best of friends; great food; and getting outside. True birthday weekenders are a dying breed as with each aging year the weekending becomes less and less of a priority with life’s other “priorities” taking the front seat. The one night, 2-hour dinner […]


It’s D’s b-day weekend, yes birthday’s last a weekend around here. We were stoked to get out of dodge, and lucky for us it’s also a 3-day weekend–thank you MLK! We started off at TK’s cabin up Hobble Creek. It’s the perfect quick escape only 20 minutes and you’re out of town, out of smog, […]


  In my perusing of iPhoto I came across this beauty. Arisaig, or the Safe Place, is a village set on the shore of Loch nan Ceall on the west coast of the Scottish Highlands. Chilly clear blue waters and outlooking the Hebrides this was a welcomed landscape variation from the jagged and mountainous Cullins region […]