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In 1939, two young men walked away from freshly plowed fields to enjoy a weekend in the Abajo Mountains in Southeast Utah. Looking across high wooded plateaus and red colored labyrinths to the west, a wanderlust to chart the unexplored moved them to walk away from the day to day grind. Sweat from labour soon […]


I can recall a time I felt growing pains. I was walking down the hallway in our house and a sudden pain shot through my leg, in fact I remember crying out that I had just been shot in the leg with an arrow, a flint tipped Port Orford Cedar shaft right through my femur. […]


  Finding the perfect tree is no easy feat! Randall’s mean business in their search…everyone spreads out and calls out when they think they’ve found THE tree. It typically goes like this, first the call <<I’ve found one, I’ve found one!!!>> Then, everyone rushes over…<<no, there’s a bald spot–how about this one?!>>… <<uh that one’s […]


Spent the weekend down in Çello with family, cattle and foraging. R & J were down with their kids, and Çello being the playground it is Claire & Liam lived it up. Boots, belt buckle, rifle, and shotgun these kids lived up the experience. Climbing hay bails to find secret onion stashes, spotting bucks in […]


A few weekends back we were in Çello for the Pioneer Day Celebrations. This is the one weekend where the town is literally busting at its seams, so much so our typical parallel street parking jobs have to be turned diagonal. There’s a 24-hour fast pitch game, 5K, parade, park vendors, snow cone mustaches and […]


We spent the weekend in Idaho for Isaac’s baptism; catching frisbees, kicking soccer balls, and trying to score the best football catch. We don’t take enough time to express what we believe–one of the greatest things we hold dear is our family. Weekends where we can come together always serve as a reminder of how […]


Though not fully my <<climbing roots>> as titled, Idaho does hold a lot of firsts and lessons learned. First multi-pitch, first lead, first mishap, first bail, and first booty (all in climbing terms, of course haha). The trip was a great relief from the SLC valley heat. We spent the weekend with C, S, and […]


In the wake of a brewing spring storm the afternoon was spent playing cowboy, and learning the ropes from a real one Dustin’s dad. The farm filled with trucks, tractors, gates, and prodders unsurprisingly stands as a grand playground for fun to be had by all.


A great trip of firsts like crossing a single steel cable bridge in Fort William. Starting to shift though pictures and reminiscing on the great adventure we had.