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Birthday’s have always been about the weekend. An awesome, radical adventure with the best of friends; great food; and getting outside. True birthday weekenders are a dying breed as with each aging year the weekending becomes less and less of a priority with life’s other “priorities” taking the front seat. The one night, 2-hour dinner […]


Monsoon season can be the pits. Sure our country is dry as bones and can always use the rain, the rock and dirt magically change colors with the touch of water, and we have the best lightning shows. BUT when it’s always raining it puts a slight damper on exploration; roads flood, trails become mud […]


With skis, in dire need of grinding, strapped to the top of the runner we headed a couple hours south to 700 vertical feet of sand aka Little Sahara. Without any motors to get up the hill, we planned for a late night start when there was relief from the sun. However, driving up to […]


Permits in process the only thing left is setting the course. We spent the weekend bushwhacking, biking snow covered roads,  making bliking a thing, scrambling chancy cliffs, and practicing our six-shooter draw, lest I mention we are dog-tired.


The best adventures are the ones in your backyard. We’ve recently moved to the Millcreek area and there’s a little peak aspect that has always been of interest to Dustin. We pass it everyday to and from work, driving on the freeway, and if you walk down our street there’s a pretty good view. From […]


We took the weekend and went on an exploration: map, truck, gear and all. Our plan was to take the Blue Notch Canyon to Good Hope Bay, an appendage to Lake Powell. The only problem was there was no beta, no mile markers to look for, no milage. All we had was a Forest map […]