This past weekend I ended up having some extra time before my ankle surgery so we headed down to Monticello. We have been drafting Roam swag so it was about time to create prototypes. Dustin’s dad has done quite a bit of leather work so he taught us some tricks of the trade. What it […]


Our most current digs might not be the most glamourous, but it does have its perks year round. In the winter the only heat we had were small space heaters and a fireplace, both with their flaws. The space heaters all blew out from overuse within the first month, and well any of you who […]


A few weekends back we were in Çello for the Pioneer Day Celebrations. This is the one weekend where the town is literally busting at its seams, so much so our typical parallel street parking jobs have to be turned diagonal. There’s a 24-hour fast pitch game, 5K, parade, park vendors, snow cone mustaches and […]

The Teapot

A new climb we’re working on we deemed “The Teapot.” As you can see it isn’t too far off from our Abajo Mountain backyard. This climb has the view, the perfect approach, and a little variation to your typical climb.  Aid climbing, a.k.a. the dark arts, is a method used to attack a climb that […]


We spent the weekend in Idaho for Isaac’s baptism; catching frisbees, kicking soccer balls, and trying to score the best football catch. We don’t take enough time to express what we believe–one of the greatest things we hold dear is our family. Weekends where we can come together always serve as a reminder of how […]


With skis, in dire need of grinding, strapped to the top of the runner we headed a couple hours south to 700 vertical feet of sand aka Little Sahara. Without any motors to get up the hill, we planned for a late night start when there was relief from the sun. However, driving up to […]


Though not fully my <<climbing roots>> as titled, Idaho does hold a lot of firsts and lessons learned. First multi-pitch, first lead, first mishap, first bail, and first booty (all in climbing terms, of course haha). The trip was a great relief from the SLC valley heat. We spent the weekend with C, S, and […]


In the wake of a brewing spring storm the afternoon was spent playing cowboy, and learning the ropes from a real one Dustin’s dad. The farm filled with trucks, tractors, gates, and prodders unsurprisingly stands as a grand playground for fun to be had by all.


“Plans ALWAYS change.” — Dustin Randall Sometimes husbands are right. It all started with a missed connection, AM jog through Heathrow, and a “flagged” passport…ending with lost luggage, which is the pits. Our plan was to catch an early AM train from Edinburgh to Inverness which would be the starting point of our biking tour. […]